R-Ladies in the world of Minecraft!

Game Time! R in Minecraft with the 'miner' package


Join us for a technical talk about the miner package

WeWork (332 S. Michigan Ave; Chicago, IL)

David Smith will talk about the ‘miner’ package, how to set up your own Minecraft server, and how to use and extend the package. He’ll also provide a few examples of the package in action in a live Minecraft session! Fun!

The miner package is intended mainly for kids, to inspire them to learn R while playing Minecraft. But the development of the package also provides some useful insights into how to build an R package to interface with a persistent API, and how to instruct others on its use.

This package is a collection of simple functions that allow you to connect with a Minecraft instance, manipulate the world within by creating blocks and controlling the player, and to detect events within the world and react accordingly.

About the speaker: David Smith is a developer advocate at Microsoft, with a focus on data science and the R community. He has been a long time facilitator and a good ally for R-Ladies Chicago.

Please RSVP on the Meetup page and let us know if you have any questions!