Animation for Effective Data Visualization with R


Joint Meetup with Chicago Data Viz Community!

Enova International (175 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604)

Adding animation to graphs can make visualizations eye-catching and effective for transmitting complex information to audiences. In this talk, attendees will learn about using animation in data visualizations in R using ggplot2 and gganimate. Topics will include: how to choose when an animation might (or might not) be an appropriate option for your use case, ways to make sure your visualization still communicates clearly and succinctly when animated, and a hands-on walk-through of how to turn a not-so-great static visualization into a great animated plot. The gganimate package will be the key tool discussed, and some familiarity with ggplot2 is recommended but not required.

Please note:
Our primary mission is to encourage more women and non-binary individuals to get involved in the R community. As such, we strongly encourage that all men who attend this event have a female or non-binary sponsor. Please contact if you have questions.

Please RSVP through Meetup.