Career Series Part II: Our Best Resource is Each Other, A Q&A Panel


Learn about data science careers from awesome R-Ladies!

Groupon (600 W. Chicago Avenue; Chicago, IL 60654)


R-Ladies Chicago is proud to host the next segment in our three-part Career Series! Join us on Wednesday, March 18 at Groupon for a Q&A panel discussion! We are happy to welcome our own co-organizer Kristi Angel as well as Ging Cee Ng and Christina Maimone to participate in a Q&A discussion on their data science experience in experimentation, industry, and academia respectively. This panel will be moderated by co-organizer Scarlett Winters, and guests will have the opportunity to submit questions in real time. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from three data scientists across disciplines and build your network along the way.

What to bring

Yourself/friends! And a laptop - this will be an interactive event.

Please note:
Our primary mission is to encourage more women and non-binary individuals to get involved in the R community. As such, we strongly encourage that all men who attend this event have a female or non-binary sponsor, as spots may be limited. Please contact if you have questions.

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